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Medical Oncology & Hemotology

Medical Oncology, Hematology & Infusion Centers

PMSI has the expertise required to correctly and compliantly bill for optimal reimbursement of these high dollar services. Our Medical Coding Professionals are certified in Hematology and Chemotherapy Coding. They understand CCI Edits, Medically Unlikely Edits (MUE’s) and when it is appropriate to add modifiers. Also, they know and follow the process for Therapeutic infusions and injections and possess and complete understanding on how to charge for injections, hydrations, therapeutic drug administrations and are fully capable of determining the correct CPT and HCPCS codes. Quality control assessments are performed regularly to ensure the coding is completed perfectly.
  • Prior Authorizations
  • Chart Audits
  • Procedure Coding
  • Diagnosis Coding
  • Billing 
  • AR/Denial Assistance
PMSI is here to help make the billing and coding process simple, efficient, and beneficial for you.