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Radiation Oncology

We Have an Absolute Understanding

Billing for Radiation Oncology is the most complex of all billing scenarios. In order to bill procedures correctly you must have an absolute understanding of what and when a service is billable. It is imperative for you to fully understand the processes of complete charge capture. A course of Radiation Therapy consists of the following entirely different and distinct steps:
  • Consultation
  • Clinical Treatment
  • Planning Establishment of Treatment Parameters
  • Treatment Delivery & Management
  • End of Treatment Follow up
Documentation is a must have in Radiation Oncology. It is necessary that every process and procedure has an order from the physician as well as completely detailed documentation and approval.

Guaranteed Documentation

Radiation Oncology billing professionals must have the expertise to identify and assign the appropriate CPT code throughout the process of care. Our billing staff has the experience & knowledge needed to accomplish this. We work closely with our providers, offer guidance, feedback and training to make sure that all services can be captured and billed. We guarantee that documentation is complete, accurate, and compliant. ln 2015, many changes occurred in Radiation Oncology billing:
  • Conventional delivery codes changed
  • New IMRT codes were implemented,
  • IGRT codes changed
  • 2D isodose & brachytherapy planning codes were changed
  • Calculations were bundled into those procedures.
Billing for these services varies depending on the place of service designation. It is vital to your practice or facility to stay current with and understand how to implement these changes. It is extremely important to understand the distinction in billing scenarios, i.e.: hospital technical, free standing & physician.

Our Experience

With over 30 years of experience in radiation oncology billing management, the staff at PMSI is proficient in all of these billing scenarios. Our billing professionals are Radiation Oncology Certified Coders, who possess the specific training and certifications required to accurately monitor and manage your radiation therapy services. Let PMSlĀ·take care of your billing details so that you can concentrate on your patient care.